Small-Town Resident Brings Home Big-Time Scratch-off Win

Somerset County’s Marion East is planning a romantic weekend getaway with his wife of 57 years after winning $50,000 on a Fat Wallet scratch-off.

Somerset County man wins $50,000 top prize on Fat Wallet game

“Give me a winner,” is what an Eastern Shore man told a cashier at the Crisfield Oceanic gas station as he was filling up his car with fuel. Sure enough, his special request was granted by Lady Luck. The cashier handed Marion East a $5 Fat Wallet scratch-off that carried a $50,000 top prize.

The lucky small-town resident had stopped at the Lottery retailer last week to fill up his gas tank for an upcoming medical appointment. He went inside for a snack.

“I bought a few tickets that day and went home to play them,” said Marion, The father and grandfather doesn’t normally play scratch-offs, but said he felt lucky that day. While he was at home later, waiting for dinner, he revealed his $50,000 win on the Fat Wallet game.

“The very last number I scratched was a matching number,” said the U.S. Army veteran. “When I scratched the prize, I thought it was only for $50.”

The 79-year-old continued to scratch the game’s play area, revealing more zeros. The realization set in that his prize was really $50,000. “I hollered and my son came running,” Marion said. “He looked at the ticket and said, ‘Yeah dad, it’s a winner.’”

Still shocked, Marion wanted to confirm his Lottery luck so he signed the back of his instant ticket and returned to Crisfield Oceanic. The same cashier who sold him the game was the one who got to tell him the prize was indeed $50,000.

The retired boat mechanic arrived this week with his wife at Lottery headquarters to claim the big prize. She told Lottery officials that she didn’t even know about his Lottery win until hours later. “He came over to me and showed me the ticket,” she said. “I was so happy for him.”

They have been married nearly 58 years and Marion said they never had a honeymoon. He plans to use some of the prize to take his bride away for a long romantic weekend. The winner also plans to pay off bills and invest the rest of the windfall.

Also celebrating is Crisfield Oceanic located at 55 Richardson Avenue in Crisfield. The Somerset County Lottery retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.

The Fat Wallet scratch-off that went on sale in March 2022 still has big prizes available. Players can seek one unclaimed $50,000 top prize, four $5,000 prizes and four $1,000 prizes along with more than 205,000 prizes ranging from $5 to $500.