Suitland Man Finds $30,000 Mega Millions Ticket in Glove Compartment

Dump truck driver Larry G. wants plans to use his $30,000 Mega Millions prize toward his retirement.

Dump truck driver to use money for future retirement

Larry G. may be thinking about a new routine for handling his Maryland Lottery tickets after an experience he had last week.

The 66-year old Suitland resident says he has a habit of purchasing Lottery tickets and throwing them in the glove compartment of his vehicle to check at a later time.

“I play every day,” he said. “You name it Powerball, Mega Millions, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, I play it.”

While it can be easy to forget items once they’ve been deposited in the glove compartment, Larry fortunately remembered that his tickets were there. When he went to scan a few of them last week, he found he was a winner in the July 26 Mega Millions drawing. Then he read his ticket wrong and didn’t realize that his prize was $30,000, as he had added the Megaplier option to his ticket.

“When I first saw it, I thought I only won $300,” Larry explained, adding that he still remained calm after he learned that the base prize was, in fact, $10,000, and that he had tripled his winnings by adding the Megaplier.

“The lady at the store said I was ‘ice cold’ because I was so calm,” Larry said.

The Suitland resident works as a dump truck driver and said he plans to move back to his hometown of York, S.C., after his retirement in a few years. He added that the Mega Millions winnings will go toward that retirement.

“Time to get back to the quiet life and this will help,” Larry said.

Larry G. bought the lucky ticket at J.B. Liquors located at 5842 Silver Hill Road in District Heights.