Sykesville Man $100,000 Richer; Voice Suggested He Buy Scratch-off

Nolan Steele heeded a mysterious voice and bought a WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET™ instant ticket. Now he is $100,000 richer!

Grandfather finds top prize in WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET™ game

Nolan Steele is $100,000 richer, thanks to a voice in his head, and he finds it just as strange as you do.

“I don’t know where it came from,” Nolan said, while sitting in the Lottery Winner’s Circle with his son, “but I am sure glad I listened to it.”

The food pantry volunteer was visiting his favorite Lottery retailer, High’s #042 in Carroll County, when he stopped to talk to a friend. Just before leaving, the retiree heard a voice in his head clearly tell him not to forget to purchase a scratch-off.

The Sykesville resident walked back into the store and went to the Lottery vending machine. Again, he heard the voice, followed its direction and bought the $10 WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET™ Scratch-Off. Nolan scratched off part of the instant ticket, scanned it and saw a mysterious message directing him to go to the Lottery.

“I knew something good was happening,” said the father of three. “Usually, you only see that when you have hit something big!”

The 78-year-old finished scratching off the rest of the play area and realized he was $100,000 richer. The grandfather of three plans to use some of his top-prize win to paint his home and then will give the rest to his wife of 43 years to spend as needed.

The management at High′s #042 can celebrate the Nolan’s big win, too. The store, located at 6700 Sykesville Road in Sykesville, earned a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.

Three more $100,000 top prizes are unclaimed in the WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET game, which debuted in March and has a second-chance promotion. Players can enter non-winning scratch-offs into My Lottery Rewards to try their luck with the Everlasting Million Second-Chance Promotion. The final entry deadline is Sept. 6.