Takoma Park Man ‘Almost Fainted’ after $50,000 Scratch-off Win

Plans to share Power Spot Multiplier game’s prize with family members

An enthusiastic Maryland Lottery player from Takoma Park has won the occasional three- and four-digit prizes, but was taken aback when he checked a scratch-off and realized it was worth $50,000.

The 61-year-old player, describing his experience on Nov. 18 when he claimed his prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, said he “almost fainted.”

“I thought it was a mistake,” he said. However, it was the real thing: a top-prize win on the $5 Power Spot Multiplier game. His previous personal-best Lottery scores were in the $250 to $1,000 range.

The Montgomery County man plans to share his winnings with his wife and adult children, coordinate a celebration dinner and pay some bills with his prize. After that, he plans to keep playing Lottery games, focusing, as always, on scratch-offs. He says they have “more luck.”

Sharing in the winner’s scratch-off fun is 7-Eleven #22921 at 8101 Fenton Street in Silver Spring. The Montgomery County store management earns a bonus of $500, equal to 1% of the prize, from the Lottery for selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.