Ticket Error Gives Rookie Powerball Player $200,000 in Prizes

Gaithersburg woman claims two third-tier prizes

A Powerball novice from Montgomery County who accepted a ticket with the wrong number, turned up at Lottery headquarters with not one but two $100,000 third-tier winning tickets.

The lucky player, who goes by the nickname “Feedie,” shared her unusual story with Lottery officials. “Feedie” decided to try her luck playing Powerball at two separate locations for the April 10 drawing.

The Gaithersburg resident purchased two tickets from her favorite Giant grocery located at 20044 Goshen Road in Gaithersburg and two from Goshen Plaza Beer & Wine located at 9150 Rothbury Drive in Montgomery Village.

One of the tickets she purchased on April 9 at Giant for the April 10 drawing included the Power Play and Double Play options. On April 10, the retailer at the liquor store hit the wrong key for her $20 ticket in that night’s drawing. This ticket also included the Power Play and Double Play features. “Feedie” told the cashier not to worry, that she would accept the ticket.

A few days after the drawing, her daughter reminded her to check the tickets using the Maryland Lottery app to see if she won. After checking the first ticket, “Feedie” was in disbelief. The Power Play multiplier had doubled her third-tier prize to $100,000! The second ticket read no winner, as did the third one. The fourth and final ticket, on which the retailer mistyped her numbers, was also a third-tier winner with the prize doubled to $100,000!

“I scanned my winners about 10 to 12 times because I really couldn’t believe I had won that much money on my second time playing,” she said. “I felt my body shaking, I dropped to my knees and thanked God.”

It’s not every day a simple mistake turns into a $100,000 fortune on top of another $100,000 prize. “I guess I am a lucky woman, my mother used to tell me that,” she said. “It finally feels like it today.”

“Feedie” has kept her Lottery luck a secret, only sharing the news with her daughter and mother. What will she do with her new fortune? “Feedie” plans to save or invest the funds.