Ticket Selection Error Leads to High-Dollar Payout

Beltsville man claims $50,000 prize on Hot 777 scratch-off

What a payday! A Beltsville man found a blend of Lottery luck and player error turned his $100 allocation of Lottery games into a $50,000 Hot 777 payout.

The 40-year-old found his lucky Hot 777 scratch-off waiting at 7-Eleven #23691 located at 15585 Old Columbia Pike in Burtonsville. He spent $50 on his usual draw games and decided to spend the other $50 he had allocated on scratch-offs. The Prince George’s County resident was immediately drawn to the new $20 Hot 777 game and decided to try it. He intended to buy just one but accidentally selected two scratch-offs. The accidentally purchased instant ticket was the $50,000 winner.

He learned of his big win sitting in his car, only moments after leaving the Montgomery County store. The winner immediately took a photo of his lucky scratch-off and sent the photo to his wife. He and his wife of 10 years plan to use the prize to pay debts.

The Hot 777 scratch-off went on sale on April 24 and became one of the hottest games on the market. It’s now the second most popular scratch-off at the Maryland Lottery.

This is the first of the game’s eight $50,000 prizes claimed. Players can also try to win 152 $10,000 prizes and others ranging from $20 to $5,000. The Hot 777 instant ticket joins a family of games that went on sale May 22: the $1 Hot 7s, $2 Hot 7s Doubler, $3 Red Hot Cash, $5 Hot 7s Tripler  and $10 Hot 7s Multiplier scratch-offs.