Vacationing Baltimore Woman Returns Home to $25,000 Lottery Prize

Used great-grandchild’s birth date for winning Pick 5 numbers

It’s nice to come back from a short vacation relaxed, rejuvenated and, in a Baltimore woman’s case, $25,000 richer.

The Baltimore City resident won $25,000 on a Pick 5 50-cent straight bet ticket in the Sept. 27 midday drawing. She purchased her ticket for both the midday and evening drawings at Speedy Convenience in Baltimore a few days before going away. While vacationing, she checked the winning numbers on her phone and realized she won.

“I saw my numbers and I didn’t believe it. I asked my girlfriend to check for me and she said that my numbers hit. I couldn’t believe I was a winner,” the happy player told Lottery officials.

Her lucky numbers were 74220. Our winner explained that she came up with that winning five-digit number based on her great-granddaughter’s birthday on July 4, 2022. She added a “0” at the end of the number.

The 61-year-old is retired from the Department of Corrections. She was in the process of purchasing a new home and said her winnings can go toward the mortgage payments. “This will help give me some extra cash after the down payment,” she explained. The anonymous winner also likes to travel and said some of her prize could go toward a longer vacation.

She bought her lucky $1 ticket at Speedy Convenience, which is located at 7101 Darlington Road in Baltimore. This Baltimore County retailer earned a $250 bonus from the Lottery for selling the winning ticket.