Virginia Man Finds Powerball Fortune in Maryland

Jackpot hunter claims $50,000 third-tier prize

He buys Powerball tickets frequently, a Virginia truck driver told lottery officials. Maryland Lottery officials, that is! It turns out that a $50,000 portion of the jackpot he’d been seeking in both states was waiting for him on the Maryland side of the Potomac River.

“Like everybody else, I had been buying Powerball tickets back home as the jackpot kept getting bigger,” said the 35-year-old. The resident of Lorton, Virginia, purchased his $50,000-winning ticket back in October, more than a week before the Powerball jackpot reached its record-breaking total of $2.04 billion.

He bought a quick-pick ticket for 10 drawings from Oct. 22-Nov. 12. “It just happened that work took me into Maryland that day. A right place, right time kind of thing.” The date, Oct. 22, was that lucky time, and 7-Eleven #22921 at 8101 Fenton Street in Silver Spring was the lucky place.

The truck driver’s habit is to check tickets once every two or three weeks. His lucky drawing took place on Oct. 22.

“When I scanned this one, I was shocked, didn’t breathe for long enough to make me almost choke,” he told Lottery officials. “I calmed down pretty quick, though. I wanted to keep my cool there in the store. It was crowded.”

The winner and his wife are pleased with their encounter with Powerball good fortune in Maryland.

“I never expected to hit that jackpot, never expected to win much at all. So, $50,000 is a huge surprise and such a blessing.” They were discussing the purchase of a new car and now can use the prize to speed up their timetable.