Waldorf Military Vet Sees $100,000 Lottery Win as Chance to Help Others

Calling 50 Years! prize ‘a miracle,’ he also anticipates shoring up his finances

Things are looking up for a Maryland Lottery player from Waldorf who claimed a $100,000 scratch-off prize last week.

“To me, this win is a miracle,” the combat veteran said while sitting in the Winner’s Circle at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. “It doesn’t matter how people treat you, if you’re going to win, you’re going to win.”

With his prize, the Charles County resident plans to put himself on a sound financial footing and also help as many of the people in his life as possible. The 39-year-old won playing the Lottery’s anniversary game, 50 Years!, and bought the ticket at Foods Inn, 12549 Mattawoman Drive in Waldorf.

The 50 Years! instant ticket went on sale in February with nine $100,000 prizes; six remain. There are also two $5 million top prizes left along with three $50,000 prizes and 53 at the $10,000 level.

The $50 game – Maryland’s first scratch-off at that price point – shot to the No.1 spot on the Maryland Lottery’s list of scratch-off tickets in the last week of February and has remained there ever since.