Washington, D.C. Man Crosses Into Maryland to Win $50,000

Washington, D.C. resident Warren Leonard crossed the Maryland state line to find his $50,000 top prize on the Deluxe Crossword scratch-off game.

Finds top prize playing Deluxe Crossword scratch-off

A self-employed Washington, D.C. resident loves playing Maryland Lottery games. He crosses the state line often to play his numbers and to pick up some extended play scratch-offs, which are his favorite style of instant ticket. The 56-year-old’s most recent trip into Maryland paid off to the tune of $50,000.

Warren Leonard was actually out for lunch last week when he decided to stop in the Old Silver Hill Convenience store in District Heights to purchase some of his favorite games. He got four tickets including two Deluxe Crossword 8th Edition games and played them all in the store.

“When I scanned the tickets, one of them said to see the retailer,” he recalled. “So, I gave it to the cashier and she said, ‘Congratulations, you won $50,000.’”

Warren immediately left the store and went home. He was still a little unsure about his Lottery luck, so he didn’t tell anyone. But, after thinking about the possible win, the loyal player decided to get a second opinion and visited a local 7-Eleven. This time when he scanned the $5 Deluxe Crossword instant ticket, it read “$50,000 winner.”

“I was convinced,” said Warren. “And, I finally shared the good news with my wife and kids.”

The grandfather told Lottery officials when claiming the prize this week that he knows exactly where the money is going. The top-prize winner plans to pay off bills, use some funds for the upcoming holidays and will help family members financially as needed.

Warren’s good fortune was found at the Old Silver Hill Convenience store located at 6106 Old Silver Hill Road in District Heights. For selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off, the Prince George’s County retailer earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

Our lucky player nabbed the second $50,000 top prize on this edition of the Deluxe Crossword scratch-off, which went on sale in September. Many prizes are still available, including six more top prizes, 11 $10,000 prizes and others ranging from $5 to $1,000.