Four Horses Deliver Second Superfecta Win to Racetrax Player

Baltimore County resident wins $28,601 in October

After winning big on a Racetrax Superfecta wager about four years ago, a Catonsville man decided to shuffle his numbers and hope his four horses would deliver another big prize.

“I’ve been playing that sequence ever since,” he told Lottery officials this week as he claimed a $28,601 prize.

The retiree has several favorite Lottery retailers and placed his winning Superfecta bet at Catonsville Shell in October. The Baltimore County resident placed a $1 wager on 10 races, betting that the 7, 11, 2 and 8 horses would cross the finish line together in that order.

“I went home, had dinner, had my after-dinner coffee and checked the numbers,” said the father of one. His horses galloped across the line together in the fourth race. The Racetrax fan is keeping news of his Lottery luck a secret and plans to pay bills with his prize. And, he plans to reshuffle his Superfecta numbers again – which he originally “pulled out of the air” – and keep playing Racetrax as well as his two other favorite Lottery games of Keno and Mega Millions.