Wedding Anniversary Gives Oxon Hill Mom $50,000 in Pick 5 Bliss

Wins with $1 straight bet in July 23 midday drawing

 A lifetime Lottery player from Oxon Hill who believes in love, faith and family credits her husband for the $50,000 prize she won in the Pick 5 July 23 midday drawing.

The anonymous winner, who selected the nickname “Sandy Cakes” to tell her lucky story, said she has a list of numbers that she likes to play. Some lucky Pick 5 digits include significant dates in her life such as birthdays and license plate numbers. This Lottery routine has brought the retired Veteran Affairs employee much success in the past. But when the 67-year-old played the date of her wedding anniversary for her midday number, she won the biggest Pick 5 prize of her life.

“I was so excited when I realize I won! I thought I won $5,000 but when I showed my husband, he scanned it (the ticket) on the Lottery app and told me it was $50,000. I was in shock,” said “Sandy Cakes.” Overwhelmed with disbelief, she demanded her son drive her to the store. The Prince George’s County resident scanned the lucky ticket and confirmed her wonderful win.

“Sandy Cakes” reports that she “almost had a nervous breakdown” because she’s never won such a large prize. Asked how she’ll spend her new fortune, the happy player said she looks forward to spoiling her husband, who is a Vietnam veteran, because he has spoiled her for so many years. She also plans to make some home renovations, save anything that is left and help her family members.

The lucky lady purchased her winning ticket at Esquire Liquors located at 6108 Oxon Hill Road in Prince George’s County. For its role in the big win, the Oxon Hill store will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.