Wife’s Birthday Numbers Put Pick 5 Team Over the Top

Prince George’s County couple wins $50,000 prize in October drawing

A husband-and-wife team visited Lottery headquarters on Friday to claim the biggest prize they’ve won so far in their many years of playing the agency’s popular Pick 3/4/5 games. The Prince George’s County pair have tried many different number combinations over the decades, but it turns out that all they’d needed to bring home a $50,000 prize was one of the easiest-to-remember number combinations in the family.

“I picked this one,” the husband told Lottery officials in reference to their winning Pick 5 combination. His wife usually picks the numbers and he usually buys the tickets. “My wife played a big part in the win, though,” he continued. “It was her birthday that won for us.”

Driving home from an appointment on Oct. 25, the Prince George’s County man stopped for gas at a Valero station in Clinton. “Before I left, my wife told me that she was going shopping and would pick up our tickets,” he said. Knowing the station to be a Lottery retailer, he called her to make sure that she had done so. “I couldn’t reach her, so I bought our numbers just in case.” He placed a $1 straight bet for that evening’s drawing. This decision turned out to be a $50,000 winner! He learned later that she had not been able to stop for the tickets.

Although the Clinton couple’s lucky day was more than two months ago, they were still excited about their big win when they arrived at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. They are at the center of a large family and the weeks between then and now, with three holidays, were very busy and led to the delay in claiming their prize. The couple plans to tackle a few home improvement projects with their Pick 5 winnings.

The Lottery has also awarded Clinton Valero in Clinton a $500 bonus for selling the $50,000 prize-winning ticket. If you believe the luck they found there might still be floating around, stop by the station at 6725 Old Alexandria Ferry Road.