$50,000 Scratch-off Win is Key to New Set of Wheels for Baltimore Man

José Armando Vicioso Valdez and his wife happily celebrate his Lottery luck.

Claims second-tier prize on $30 instant ticket

Baltimore resident José Armando Vicioso Valdez has a bank visit in his future to deposit the biggest Lottery prize of his life. He purchased a $30 $2,000,000 Gold Rush scratch-off and won a $50,000 second-tier prize.

The 44-year-old made his lucky Lottery stop at Royal Farms #229 located at 5801 Eastern Avenue in Baltimore, where he purchased three scratch-offs. He rarely scratches the entire instant ticket, he said, but reveals the prize check area on the game and scans it to check for a win. He quickly learned that the first two instant tickets were non-winners.

José knew something was different about the third scratch-off when he scanned it and saw the message “See Lottery.” He hurried outside to scratch off the entire game and that’s when he saw he had matched the number 54 for a $50,000 payday.

The father of two shared the great news with his wife, who actually did not believe he won until they arrived at Lottery headquarters to claim the prize. The lucky couple were extremely happy about their win. When asked about their plans for the windfall, they said that they are going to pay bills and buy a new car.

The $2,000,000 Gold Rush game went on sale in February 2022 and still has one $2 million top prize remaining. There are also two more $50,000 prizes and more than 406,000 other prizes ranging from $30 to $5,000.