$96,879 FAST PLAY Win Shocks Retired Firefighter

FAST PLAY fan Jeffrey Chandler of Edgewater is $96,879 richer, thanks to his World Championship Poker jackpot win!

Anne Arundel County man claims prize in World Championship Poker game

He had a sudden inspiration while on the way to visit his grandkids, Jeffrey Chandler of Edgewater told Lottery officials. Doughnuts. His decision to pick up doughnuts for them produced a win-win situation for the family. The kids got a sweet treat and he got a sweet $96,879 FAST PLAY prize.

“I stopped at Lou’s (Lou’s Stop Shop) to grab the doughnuts and while I was there, I bought $40 worth of FAST PLAY (tickets),” the Anne Arundel County resident said. A FAST PLAY fan, Jeffrey planned to check his tickets later on his Lottery app. The game he chose was World Championship Poker, a $5 ticket. “I saw that it was a jackpot game,” he said, adding his thought was “why not go for the big money?”

That evening, the retired firefighter got a chance to scan his tickets. “I honestly almost threw up when I saw the win. I ran – sprinted, really – across the street to my friend’s house to get her to look at it. I could barely breathe when she opened the door. She thought I was having a heart attack.”

World Championship Poker is one of several FAST PLAY games that feature a progressive jackpot, one that climbs with each ticket purchased until someone wins the progressive jackpot. This game’s progressive jackpot starts at $40,000. Jeffrey’s win leaves 11 more World Championship Poker progressive jackpots available.

For its role in Jeffrey’s lucky win, Lou’s Stop Shop at 1208 Mayo Road in Edgewater will receive a $968.79 bonus for selling a progressive jackpot-winning FAST PLAY ticket of $20,000 to $99,999.