Annapolis Man Sharing $50,000 Hot 777 Scratch-off Win

Plans to use some of the prize to help people in need

A quick stop at a gas station produced much more than a full tank for an Anne Arundel County man this week. The retired federal worker picked up a Hot 777 instant ticket and ended up with the $20 game’s $50,000 second-tier prize.

“I always look for the newer games when deciding which ticket to buy,” the 84-year-old Annapolis resident told Lottery officials. “If I win once in a while, I stick with it until a newer game catches my eye.”

Such was the case on Monday when he visited Millersville Crown at 8210 Veterans Highway. The loyal player saw his favorite instant ticket, which arrived on retailer’s shelves in April, and took it home to play. “Hot 777 has been pretty lucky for me these last few months,” he said.

Once home with his wife, the lucky retiree scratched his instant ticket. “I’m not sure who was more stunned, my wife or me. Neither of us could believe it.” Once the shock wore off, his first thoughts were of the good the $50,000 prize could do for several family members and a local charity that is dear to the couple’s hearts. “We have a few things we need, but most of this will be shared with people who are in need.”

Hot 777 debuted with six $1 million top prizes, four of which remain in circulation. Five of its eight $50,000 second-tier prizes are also unclaimed. A member of a “Hot” family of games, Hot 777’s launch in April was followed on May 22 with sales of the $1 Hot 7s, $2 Hot 7s Doubler, $3 Red Hot Cash, $5 Hot 7s Tripler and $10 Hot 7s Multiplier scratch-offs.