Bad Day Becomes Fabulous after a $100,000 Scratch-off Win

This Montgomery County resident turned his frown upside down with a $100,000 scratch-off win.

Montgomery County man finds second-tier prize on 50 Years! game

A series of close encounters with big Lottery prizes had “Harry” of Montgomery County a little down. “I love scratch-offs,” he said. But after winning $10,000 once, his luck seemed to run dry.

The anonymous player, who selected the nickname “Harry’s Happy Days” to tell the story of his Lottery luck, said he favors two or three Lottery retailers. Soon after he stopped visiting one retailer, however, that store sold a $1 million winning scratch-off. Then, the regular Pick 4 player didn’t play his favorite 4444 digits one day, and those numbers were drawn. “That was the one day out of the year we didn’t play.”

Recently, “Harry” and his brother were in the Mt. Airy area, where “Harry” is planning to buy a farm, and they stopped at 7-Eleven #28890 located at 1610 Ridgeside Drive in Mt. Airy. “We were having a bad day,” he recalled, “so I said, ‘Let me try the 50 Years! scratch-offs.’”

The winner’s brother was busy buying convenience store items and “Harry” called him over to show him he won $100,000. “He didn’t believe me at first,” the accountant recalled. Their excitement spilled over and soon everyone knew what had happened. “We were loud about it! We celebrated with everybody in the store.”

Their day became “100% better!” he said. The lucky winner captured a second-tier prize in the $50 game, which still has two $5 million top prizes, three $100,000 second-tier prizes, two $50,000 prizes and 29 $10,000 prizes remaining. He hasn’t told his wife yet but plans to spring the surprise soon. The windfall will go into their retirement fund, said “Harry.”