Teacher Splurges on 50TH Anniversary Game, Wins Big

Claims $100,000 prize scratching 50 Years! instant ticket

A Montgomery County woman visited Lottery headquarters this week to cash in a scratch-off worth $100,000. The teacher told officials that she plays only occasionally, but when she saw the 50 Years! game at a gas station, she decided to treat herself. Boy, did she ever!

“I wanted to get a scratch ticket and was deciding which one to buy when I saw 50 Years!” the young professional said. The instant ticket, issued in February to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Maryland Lottery, offers a staggering $5 million top prize. Not surprisingly considering the big prizes it carries, the scratch-off costs $50. “I’m not one to spend that kind of money on a Lottery ticket,” the Olney resident said, “but I decided to, just this once.”

The 30-year-old scratched off her instant ticket in the car and was thrilled to find what she thought was a $2,000 win. “I couldn’t believe it. I went back in the store to confirm the amount and saw a lot of zeros when I scanned it.” In the short walk from car to store, her $2,000 win had grown to $100,000. “I started shaking. My mind just went blank.”

Working to calm herself, the lucky lady returned to her car and called her mother. “As close as we are, she just refused to believe me. The whole experience was unimaginable.”

The 50 Years! game still offers two $5 million top prizes as well as three more $100,000 prizes. You can find the game at Olney Shell — 18040 Georgia Avenue — as our newest winner did, as well as at other Lottery retailers. The winner plans to take her entire family on a trip with her windfall.