Baltimore Retiree’s Free Pick 5 Ticket Yields $25,000 Top Prize

Playing terminal game produces the free winning ticket

The Try Pick 5 promotion, which ends June 5, turned a free Pick 5 ticket into $25,000 for a Baltimore woman.

“I didn’t even think about it when the ticket printed out,” said the anonymous player, who selected the nickname “Victorious” to tell her winning story. “It was a pleasant surprise but I didn’t think it would amount to anything.”

The 82-year-old didn’t even know how to play Pick 5. As a loyal Pick 3 and Pick 4 player, the mother of three has won a few prizes ranging from $20 to $2,400. Her husband recently won $10,000 playing Pick 4. She received the free quick-pick ticket with a draw game purchase made at Plaza Liquors in Baltimore for the May 18 evening drawing.

As she sat at her table after the evening drawing, the lucky lady looked at her free Pick 5 ticket twice just to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. “Victorious” then ran with the ticket to her husband. He sat in silence, looking at the ticket in disbelief.

The grandmother of eight plans to use her big $25,000 win to make some home repairs and will put the rest away for a rainy day.

Also a winner is Plaza Liquors located at 5722 Wabash Avenue in Baltimore. The retailer will receive a $250 bonus from the Lottery for providing the $25,000-winning Pick 5 ticket.

You, too, can be like “Victorious” and get a chance to try the Maryland Lottery’s newest Pick game for free. During the Try Pick 5 promotion, free 50-cent straight bet, quick-pick Pick 5 tickets are issued at random when players purchase any game other than scratch-offs. A congratulations message will print on the top of selected tickets and on the free tickets.