$50,000-Winning Scratch-off Forgotten in Jeans Pocket

Busy Somerset County man rediscovers lucky instant ticket days later

Imagine buying a couple of scratch-offs, tucking them into a pocket of your jeans and forgetting about your purchase for a couple of days. When a Westover man fished a very worn Ca$h Bonus scratch-off from his jeans’ pocket and scanned it, he discovered he won $50,000!

The retail worker was on his way home when he bought the lucky $10 Ca$h Bonus scratch-off and a few others at Dash In #001 located at 8910 Crisfield Highway in Westover. He said that he rarely plays scratch-offs and did so that day on a whim. “I was trying my luck,” he said.

A relative who accompanied him to claim his prize is an avid Pick 3 player but said her wins the last two days don’t even come close to the 23-year-old’s prize. She laughed, saying he was lucky she hadn’t decided to wash his clothes for him. “He had it four or five days before he knew it was a winner,” she said. “It was weathered and worn.”

The Somerset County resident said he plans to pay off debts with his prize and will stay quiet about his big win.

This $10 game went on sale in August 2021 with eight top prizes of $100,000, nine $50,000 prizes and 24 $10,000 prizes. Still waiting to be claimed are more than 275,000 prizes ranging from $10 to $100,000.