Baltimore Security Guard Secures an Ultimate Scratch-off Win

Lucky player claims $50,000 prize on Ultimate Cash instant ticket

A lucky Lottery enthusiast with an affinity for scratch-offs just scored her best instant ticket prize yet. The Baltimore resident bought a $10 Ultimate Cash scratch-off and won a $50,000 second-tier prize.

The lucky player found her winning instant ticket at Bermuda Bar & Liquor located at 1801 East North Avenue in Baltimore. She visited the store to buy beer and, while there, decided to take a chance on a scratch-off.

The longtime player wasted no time scratching off her instant ticket and learned right away that she was a big winner. Soon after that, she called members of her immediate family to share the great news. The winner hasn’t made plans yet for ways to enjoy her prize.

The Ultimate Cash game went on sale in June. The instant ticket began with eight $100,000 top prizes and 10 $50,000 prizes. There are still five top prizes remaining along with four $50,000 prizes.