Cockeysville Woman’s Love of ‘7’ Leads to $57,777 Scratch-off Prize

“Lucky 7” of Cockeysville picked the Winning 7 scratch-off because “7” is her lucky number. She won $57,777.

‘Lucky 7’ first to capture top prize in new Winning 7 game

An avid scratch-off player from Baltimore County recalls being drawn to the Lottery’s new Winning 7 scratch-off because her lucky number is 7. Her favorite digit came through for her again with a $57,777 top-prize win on the instant ticket.

The anonymous winner, who is using the nickname “Lucky 7” to tell her story, said she has a superstition involving the number 7. She prefers to use a checkout counter or a gas station pump that features the number.

“I like to go anywhere with the number 7. I guess it really is my lucky number,” said the college student.

“Lucky 7” was playing the new $5 game when she scratched off the top line of the instant ticket. The Cockeysville resident matched the winning number “32” and knew she scored a prize. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw the amount was $57,777.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all. After I saw it, I double-checked it on my phone and it was real,” she said.

“Lucky 7” plans to use the prize to purchase a car and get an apartment. The luck of the number “7” carried over to her store selection. The 7-Eleven #27098 at 10045 York Road was the Baltimore County retailer that sold the top-prize winning instant ticket. The Cockeysville store will receive a $577 bonus from the Lottery.

“Lucky 7” was the first top-prize winner in the new Winning 7 game, which went on sale Nov. 24. Seven top prizes of $57,777 still remain along with others ranging from $5 to $7,000.