Big Win Keeps Uber Driver Waiting

Prince George’s County man pockets $50,000 scratch-off prize

He’s been buying scratch-off tickets for decades, an Oxon Hill resident told Lottery officials last week. He’s won plenty of times, but not the big one he has dreamed about all of these years. Lady Luck decided that he had waited long enough. She rewarded the patient player with a $50,000 prize, courtesy of Million Dollar Mega Multiplier, a $20 game that debuted a year ago this week.

It was a stop for gas that got this story rolling, an almost daily occasion for the Uber driver. “I need to fill up pretty frequently,” the 52-year-old explained, “And many of the gas stations sell Lottery tickets, so it’s easy.”

Such was the case last Wednesday at the Zip In Mart at 6801 Livingston Road in Oxon Hill.  Having had luck with Million Dollar Mega Multiplier in the past, he bought two that, unfortunately, produced no wins. “I was about to leave, but I had two more $20 bills in my wallet. So, I bought one more.”

Knowing the ticket well, the Prince George’s County man recognized that something was unusual once he began scratching. “There were a lot of big money prizes on the ticket, which was something I hadn’t seen before.”  When he uncovered where all those large prizes were leading, he tensed up.  “I whispered, ‘Oh my God.’”  Staring at him was the game’s second-tier prize – $50,000.

Rushing home with his Million Dollar Mega Multiplier ticket, he told his wife the news. “She didn’t believe me at first, but when she finally did there was screaming.” The Oxon Hill couple tell us that they consider the win life changing. “We’re close to buying our first house. This puts us over the top down payment-wise.”

The Million Dollar Mega Multiplier game carries a $1 million top prize, two of which remain available. Two more $50,000 prizes are also still up for grabs.