Bingo-themed Scratch-off Novice Finds $50,000 Match

Wins big with Bonus Bingo X20 game

An avid scratch-off player from Hyattsville said he favors the type of instant tickets that require players to find matching numbers to win. He’s not sure why he selected a $20 bingo-themed scratch-off to play recently but he has 50,000 reasons to be glad that he did.

The Prince George’s County resident was buying beverages at Shell Food Mart, located at 7430 Riggs Road in Adelphi, when he spotted the Bonus Bingo X20 game.

“I do a lot of scratch-offs but not the bingo,” said the healthcare worker. “I wasn’t planning to buy it.”

He did, however, add the game to his purchases and scratched it off in the store. A quick scan of the prize check area showed a confusing message that made him think he might have won the game’s second-tier prize of $50,000. “I thought it was a joke,” he said. “I was surprised, that’s why I went to two different scanners.”

Finally, he was convinced he’d won the biggest Lottery prize of his life! The loyal player quietly left the Prince George’s County store. The winner has only shared his great news with a friend who accompanied him to claim the prize at Lottery headquarters. The lucky player plans to spend the funds on home improvements, which involve renovating a bathroom and improving his driveway.

The Bonus Bingo X20 game gave up its last $50,000 prize to our winner but still has a $500,000 top-prize remaining. Also available are 22 $10,000 prizes. The scratch-off went on sale at Lottery retailers in August 2020.