Black Friday Purchase Pays Off with $500,000 Scratch-off Prize

Winning Bonus Bingo X20 game’s top prize leaves Lanham man speechless

To say a Prince George’s County man is happy about winning $500,000 is an understatement. The anonymous player, who won a top prize on the Bonus Bingo X20 scratch-off, was overcome with emotion about his Lottery luck.

The single father of three was doing some Black Friday shopping when he stopped for gas at New Carrollton Shell in Hyattsville. After filling his tank, the fan of the Maryland Lottery’s bingo-style scratch-offs picked up a $20 Bonus Bingo X20 instant ticket to play later.

When the lucky player got home, he settled in and played his game. The Lanham resident carefully scratched off the game’s bingo cards and knew right away that he won.

“I know how to win,” said the lucky man. “I play them a lot and I am so familiar with them.”

The realization that he won a $500,000 prize was still overwhelming. So, to confirm the win, he called his nephew and his nephew’s wife to go with him to scan the instant ticket at a Lottery retailer. The winning message was too much bear.

“He just became so emotional,” said the nephew’s wife, who accompanied the winner to claim the prize at Lottery headquarters. “He couldn’t speak.”

The construction worker says he is “grateful” for the win and plans to pay off debt with his small fortune. He also plans to invest a portion of the winnings.

The Bonus Bingo X20 game has been available since August 2020 and still has more than 30 major prizes. Players can seek one more $500,000 top prize, as well as two $50,000 prizes, 27 $10,000 prizes and 40 $5,000 prizes. Others ranging from $20 to $1,000 are also awaiting discovery.

The New Carrollton Shell, located at 8309 Annapolis Road in Hyattsville, also benefits from selling a $500,000 top-prize winning scratch-off. The Prince George’s County retailer will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.