Waldorf Player Scratches Her Second Big Lottery Score

Waldorf player “Twice Is Nice” picked up a $50,000 win on the Ultimate Cash game, only a year after winning $100,000 on a different scratch-off.

$50,000 prize will follow 2022’s $100,000 score, fund tiny house investment project

After she collected a $100,000 Lottery prize in December 2022, a winner from Waldorf invested in land for a tiny house project. The $50,000 prize she collected this week — just shy of a year later — will also go toward that project.

“I thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing,” said the winner, who is going by the alias “Twice Is Nice” to anonymously tell her tale of winning. The recent win, which came on the $10 Ultimate Cash scratch-off, is hard evidence that Lottery wins can happen more than once in a lifetime.

For the $50,000 prize, “Twice Is Nice” bought numerous Ultimate Cash instant tickets and enlisted the help of her sister to scratch off the games and check for wins. Her sister found the $50,000 second-tier winning instant ticket.

“She just lost it and started screaming, ‘Again! Again!’” said “Twice Is Nice.”

A medical professional, “Twice Is Nice” says the thing she enjoys about playing the Lottery is “the thrill of it.”

With her previous winnings, the Charles County resident bought nearly four acres and has started the planning process for her tiny house project. The extra $50,000 will come in handy, she said. As to whether she would continue playing scratch-offs, “Twice Is Nice” said, “I definitely am. If I wasn’t a believer before, I am now!”

She bought the winning ticket at Westlake Liquors, located at 1182 Smallwood Drive West in Waldorf. The Ultimate Cash game went on sale in June. The instant ticket began with eight $100,000 top prizes and 10 $50,000 prizes. There are still five top prizes remaining along with three $50,000 prizes.