Bonus Pick 5 Ticket Gives $25,000 Win to Baltimore Bonus Match 5 Fan

Lottery’s free game promotion results in double dip of good luck

Although he is a regular when it comes to playing the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus Match 5 game, a Baltimore man enjoyed two strokes of luck that gave him a $25,000 win in a completely different game. He won with a free Pick 5 ticket.

“I’ll play Bonus Match 5 all day, every day,” he said on May 19 while claiming his hefty Pick 5 prize.

The 67-year-old was buying a Bonus Match 5 ticket on the morning of May 17 at Monument Street Shell in Baltimore City when the first stroke of luck occurred. In addition to the tickets he purchased, the Lottery fan also received a small bonus: a quick-pick, 50-cent straight Pick 5 ticket issued for free as part of the Lottery’s Try Pick 5 promotion. From now through June 5, buy any Maryland Lottery draw game for the chance to receive a free quick-pick 50-cent Pick 5 ticket.

The second stroke of luck came around lunchtime, when the Pick 5 midday numbers were drawn: 4, 8, 5, 4 and 8. This matched the digits on his ticket exactly for the $25,000 win.

The happy player told Lottery officials he plans to keep the score a secret. He won’t even be telling his wife! They mainly keep their finances separate, he said, adding, “What’s hers is hers, and what’s mine is hers.” The government worker went on to say his wife will end up benefiting but just won’t know he had a substantial Lottery win.

Meanwhile, he plans to keep playing Bonus Match 5, a game where he has had good fortune in the past. “I’m still looking for my numbers,” he added.

The big win comes at a good time for the player, as he plans to retire in a few months from Baltimore City. The extra money will be nice to have on hand, he said.

His lucky retailer, located at 5000 Pulaski Highway, shares in the windfall. Monument Street Shell will receive a bonus of $250 for its role in getting a winning Pick 5 ticket worth $25,000 into the player’s hands through the promotion.