Bonus Spot Gives Rosedale Player a $50,000 Scratch-off Win

Claims prize on $20 Max A Million game

In just a few moments, a Rosedale man went from zero to 50 — $50,000, that is. His accelerated excitement was due to the unexpected matching number he found on a bonus spot on a Max A Million scratch-off. The Baltimore County man snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, winning a $50,000 second-tier prize on the $20 game.

The 59-year-old didn’t lose hope after revealing the game’s winning numbers and finding no matches among the 30 spots on the scratch-off. Although the instant ticket looked to be a non-winner, he pressed on. The player revealed a momentum-turning Max A Million bonus number of 25, which matched one of his numbers and gave him all of the prizes on the instant ticket. A quick tally led to his accelerated delight.

The Max A Million scratch-off hit Lottery retail locations in November 2018. Currently, the game has three $1 million top prizes remaining, four more unclaimed $50,000 prizes and 19 $10,000 prizes.

Our winner bought his lucky scratch-off at Harford Convenience located at 3514 Harford Road in Baltimore. This is the store’s first big winning scratch-off sold in 2021.