Boonsboro Man Celebrates $50,000 Win on Money Bag Multiplier Ticket

Ticket launched on April 24 delivers the first of its nine second-tier prizes

A Boonsboro man whose recent $50,000 win brought him to Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore on April 27 said part of his post-prize-claim celebration would involving stopping on his way home to buy a few more tickets.

The scratch-off fan said he limits himself to buying $50 worth of tickets at a time when he visits Alex Convenience Store at 280 North Main Street in Boonsboro.

“I generally win enough for lunch the next day,” the Boonsboro resident said, adding that over the years he has won $1,000 “three or four times,” $50 and $100 prizes often enough to keep things interesting and plenty of $5 and $10 prizes.

He mainly enjoys $5 and $10 scratch-off tickets, and his $50,000 win came on the $10 game Money Bag Multiplier. He had stopped to get gas at Alex Convenience Store when the clerk recommended the Money Bag Multiplier ticket because it was new.

The game went on sale starting April 24 with nine top prizes of $100,000. The ticket sold in Boonsboro was the first of the game’s nine $50,000 second-tier prizes to be claimed. The ticket also has thousands of additional prizes ranging from $10 to $10,000.

The matching number that delivered the $50,000 prize came on the fourth of the ticket’s five rows. When he scratched off the prize amount, he first revealed a 5 and 0 and assumed it was a $50 winner. But there were more zeros to be revealed, and by the time he was done scratching, he had his biggest win ever.

The Washington County resident said he plans to take a trip to Florida to visit family, and possibly a Caribbean cruise or a beach-focused island trip.

“I like it where it’s warm,” the winner said. Asked if he’d keep on playing after his big win, he said: “I’ll stop on my way home tonight and get some tickets!”