Happy Winner Jumps for Joy After Keno Win

Centreville man claims $25,011 prize on 10-spot bet

Playing the Lottery is a popular after work and weekend pastime for a Centreville man. His latest game of Keno offered more than just a good time. A 10-spot, 80-draw ticket earned the man a $25,011 payday.

The 24-year-old made a stop at Wawa #589-E located at 8118 Ocean Gateway in Easton. He says that he sees a lot of numbers while at work and those numbers are what he uses to make his bets. That’s when he makes his way to a nearby retailer to place them.

He learned of his win the next day when he checked the website and began jumping up and down upon his big discovery. He shared the news with family and friends, and he just plans to put it all in savings.

The Wawa store will receive a $250 bonus for its role in selling a winning Keno ticket worth $25,000.