Cancer Survivor Beats Lottery Odds for $30,946 Win

Charlin McKissick of Charles County saw the horses run in her favor to deliver a $30,946 Racetrax prize.

Charles County woman wins big with Racetrax Trifecta bet

Prior to Thursday, Charlin McKissick had always enjoyed playing Lottery games but hadn’t enjoyed much luck winning them. It turns out, however, that her $30,946 Racetrax win on May 26 isn’t her biggest recent victory by a long shot.

“This is definitely the largest prize I’ve ever won playing the Lottery,” the Bryans Road resident told Lottery officials on Friday, “but I’ve had other kinds of big wins in my day.” The 51-year-old employee of a rehabilitation center shared that she has recently beaten breast cancer. “I’ve been blessed in so many ways.”

A long-time Lottery player but new to Racetrax, Charlin’s winning Trifecta combination of 11-10-12 came to her as she stood in front of the self-serve Lottery machine at Kenilworth Sunoco in Hyattsville.

“I was in a hurry to get to work and my mind went blank.” Happily, inspiration came. “I have an idea where it came from,” she told us (pointing to the heavens). “These are my new lucky numbers.”

When Charlin checked her 20-draw Racetrax ticket later at work, she celebrated by dancing. “I saw the prize amount on my Lottery app and, even though I was in the office with people around, I just jumped up and danced around my desk.”

Sharing her story after a sleepless night, the Charles County woman knew exactly where her winnings were going. “I’ve wanted to buy a house for several months but have needed more for the down payment. I have been praying on it,” she said.

Meanwhile, the management at Kenilworth Sunoco can also celebrate. The Prince George’s County business at 4836 Kenilworth Avenue will receive a $309.46 bonus for its role in making this happy story happen.