Baltimore City Racetrax Fan Boxes a Bet, Wins $30,946

Finds Lottery luck with Trifecta Box wager

On the same day, two different people came to Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim the same Racetrax prize based on different wagers placed at different Lottery retailers. Our second lucky winner was a Baltimore City resident who showed up in good spirits to turn in her $30,946 winning ticket.

The 73-year-old bought her $6 Trifecta Box ticket at Harford County’s Riverside Sunoco Plus on May 26. She bet that horses numbered 10, 11 and 12 would cross the finish line in first, second and third place, in any order, and they did!

Her lucky Lottery retailer can celebrate, too. Riverside Sunoco Plus at 1319 Riverside Parkway in Belcamp will receive a $309.46 bonus from the Lottery for selling our excited winner her big ticket.

Racetrax fans have only a week to wait for the final leg of the Lottery’s Racetrax $6 for $5 Triple Crown Promotion. From June 6-12, players can buy $6 worth of Racetrax fun for $5.

Also, don’t forget that playing games like Racetrax can lead to a $25,000 prize through the Try Pick 5 promotion in progress through June 5. Players who buy any game other than scratch-offs are eligible to win a free 50-cent straight, quick-pick Pick 5 ticket. Free tickets are awarded at random. A congratulations message will print on the top of the purchased ticket and the free ticket. A winning 50-cent straight Pick 5 ticket could lead to prizes up to $25,000!