Chocolate Milk Errand Sweetened by Frederick Man’s $50,000 Lottery Win

Frederick winner Douglas Dailey and his wife Valerie celebrate his $50,000 FAST PLAY win.

Purchases winning FAST PLAY ticket during grocery visit

A craving for chocolate milk and a small grocery list combined to give Douglas Dailey of Frederick a sweet surprise. The 63-year-old, who visited Lottery headquarters recently to claim his $50,000 prize, described how that combination led to a winning brush with Lottery luck.

While picking up a few items last week at Giant #335 in Frederick, Douglas also picked up a FAST PLAY ticket. He selected the $5 I Heart Cash ticket and quickly pocketed it without checking for a win. In fact, the Frederick County resident didn’t discover his luck until later in the day while he was waiting in a checkout line at a different store.

“I pulled the ticket out and started looking at it,” he said. “When I saw that I had a winning number that matched the $50,000 spot, I had to double- and triple-check the ticket.”

The happy winner said he and his wife Valerie will probably use the prize to finance home improvements. Some of the funds may also go toward some getaway time in sunny Florida.

The I Heart Cash game joined the FAST PLAY lineup in January, offering players a chance to win prizes from $5 to $50,000 instantly. The game still has 18 $50,000 top prizes remaining along with 19 $5,000 prizes.

The lucky ticket was sold by Giant #335 located at 1700 Kingfisher Drive in Frederick. For selling a $50,000 top-prize winning ticket, the lucky retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.