Christmas Day Powerball Drawing Gives Dad $50,000 Prize

Plans to spend winnings on children’s college tuition

A lucky Baltimore father of two college-age children is putting the $50,000 Powerball prize he won on Christmas Day toward a great cause — their college tuition payments!

The 51-year-old bought a $2 quick-pick ticket on Christmas Eve from Papa Menu Grocery located at 4 East Baltimore Street in Baltimore City. Days passed before he sat down to see how his ticket fared in the Dec. 25 drawing.

“I didn’t notice it until Wednesday, Dec. 29, when I did my routine,” he said. “I used my Lottery app to take a picture of the barcode to tell me if I won.”

To his surprise, the message popped up that he won $50,000. “I thought it must have been a misprint,” the happy dad said. He also checked the ticket against the winning numbers in the drawing to confirm his good fortune.

The Powerball player said he plans to spend a little bit of the winnings on himself but noted that his kids will benefit the most from his big win. He plans to use the funds to pay their college tuition bills. “That extra money’s going to go a long way.”