Worcester County Scratch-off Player Becomes Instant VIP

Wins $50,000 playing VIP Club scratch-off game

A Berlin man became an instant VIP after winning $50,000 playing his favorite game, the $30 VIP Club scratch-off. The 27-year-old found Lottery luck as he was leaving work one day last week.

The food service employee has a fondness for the VIP Club game because he has won small amounts playing the instant ticket. With that in mind, he bought one of the scratch-offs at Southside Deli located at 11021 Nicholas Lane in Berlin and waited until he got home to play it. As he sat with his girlfriend, the Worcester County man began scratching off the game and was stunned when he revealed a $50,000 win.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” he said. “It didn’t sink in until I scanned it and saw the ‘Congratulations’ message.”

The lucky player was so excited that he waited a couple of days to let the win sink in before making an appointment to claim the prize. The Eastern Shore resident did so at Lottery headquarters this week.

When speaking with Lottery officials, the winner said he has no immediate plans for his funds. He will most likely put his winnings in his savings account, he said, adding, “That should make a nice little nest egg.”

The VIP Club scratch-off game, which is nearly a year old, still has two more $50,000 prizes left as well as one $2 million top prize awaiting discovery. The popular game also has more than 430,000 unclaimed prizes ranging from $30 to $5,000.