Columbia Man Triples His Fun with $150,000 in Pick 5 Prizes

Craig Jones of Columbia is all smiles with a $150,000 Pick 5 win.

Howard County resident plays his favorite number on three tickets

Craig Jones of Columbia woke up to learn that he was $150,000 richer after a big Pick 5 win.

Because he works an overnight shift, the Howard County man got up in the middle of the day to check his Pick 5 numbers for a win. He was in for an amazing surprise.

“When I looked at my numbers, I started to drop my phone. I had to look at it again,” Craig said.

He had played a favorite number, 51266, on three tickets. The Howard County resident purchases all of his tickets for the week on Friday afternoons. This time, he bought three individual tickets, placing a $1 straight bet on each one for 14 midday and evening drawings. The result: three winning tickets in the March 13 evening drawing for a total prize of $150,000.

Craig said his favorite number, 51266, almost hit on other occasions but the drawings were off by one number. “I knew it was going to hit. It came so close. That is why I keep playing. I never gave up,” he said with a smile.

A forklift driver for a food distributor, his hobbies include bowling and playing bingo. Craig plans to use his big win to off pay his bills and his mother’s bills. He also will take a trip to Las Vegas to see his favorite NFL team, the Las Vegas Raiders. play a football game.

Long Beach Exxon in Columbia is also a triple winner as Craig bought all three of his lucky Pick 5 tickets at the Howard County business. As a result, the retailer located at 6000 Foreland Garth will received a bonus of $500 from the Lottery for each lucky ticket sold.