Cumberland Dad Wins $100,000 Lottery Scratch-off Prize

Alonzo Butler of Cumberland plans to invest his $100,000 prize for his children’s future.

Plans to save proceeds from Money Bag Multiplier instant ticket win for his kids

Playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs is a family tradition for a Cumberland man, who has been playing – and winning – for years. The $100,000 top prize he claimed Aug. 2 on a $10 scratch-off is his biggest win to date.

“My family has some players – me, my mom and my grandma,” said winner Alonzo Butler after claiming his prize on the Money Bag Multiplier game.

“It’s just something I enjoy. I get home from work and scratch off a few,” he said, adding, “I picked it up from my grandma.”

He recalls his grandmother won $50,000 once. In recent months, the 30-year-old loyal player has picked up two wins at the $10,000 level. Originally, he had not intended to purchase the Money Bag Multiplier instant ticket but changed his mind while at a Cumberland Sheetz store.

Alonzo scratched off part of the instant ticket, matched one number and felt pretty good. Then, the matching numbers kept on coming. Alonzo matched 41 in both the winning numbers and your numbers part of the scratch-off for $50,000 and 8 at both locations for what he thought was a $100 prize. He soon realized it wasn’t just $100, it was $100 X 50. Next came a match on numbers 19 for a prize of $1,000 X 20 and on 58 for a win of $500 X 50.

The Allegany County resident went from feeling pretty good to being excited almost beyond control. He put a cold pack on his back to help calm himself down and told his wife he couldn’t stop moving his leg.

The happy dad plans to put his winnings to work so his children, ages 3 and 6, benefit in the future. “I’m just going to invest it for my kids,” he said.

Sharing in Alonzo’s good luck is the store where he bought the winning instant ticket. Sheetz #051 at 210 Greene Street in Cumberland store receives a bonus from the Lottery of $1,000, equal to 1% of the prize, for selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.