Delaware Player’s Over-The-Line Tickets Yield Two $50,000 Pick 5 Prizes

Playing Maryland Lottery games part of his routine

A 25-year-old Lottery player from Selbyville, Del., picked up the hobby from his father, a regular but infrequent ticket buyer, and managed to score a win larger than all of his dad’s prizes put together. He won $100,000 total on two Maryland Lottery Pick 5 tickets from the Sept. 9 drawing.

Like his dad, the player partakes of both the Maryland and Delaware Lottery games, which is easy since he works west of the state line and lives to its east.

About three or four years ago, he “started to dabble in Powerball and Mega Millions,” he said, adding that the two jackpot games are his dad’s primary plays. For the record, because his dad was playing long-odds jackpot games, his personal best on the winning side has been in the realm of a few dollars here and there.

Lately, though, the anonymous winner follows a routine of playing two $1 straight bet Pick 5 tickets plus a scratch-off or two. In Maryland, his previous best win was $100 on a scratch-off, and he’s hit in Delaware for $200 on two occasions.

His top win changed in the Sept. 9 Pick 5 evening drawing, when he won the two $50,000 prizes playing the numbers 48240. He has used the same sets of numbers for quite some time now, but they have no significance. They’re just digits on tickets he originally purchased as quick-pick tickets that he has since started replaying.

With the $100,000 in prizes, the out-of-state winner plans to pay off a new car he purchased last year. He expects to have enough funds left over to take his extended family out for a nice dinner.

Sharing in his good fortune is Berlin Food Market at 111 Flower Street in Berlin. The Worcester County business picks up two $500 bonuses for selling winning tickets worth $50,000 each.