Dundalk Grandma Joins Gold Rush Fan Club after $50,000 Win

Reveals second top prize in Gold Rush 7s Tripler scratch-off game

The Lottery’s Gold Rush family of scratch-off games has a new fan, thanks to a $50,000 top prize a Dundalk woman found playing the Gold Rush 7s Tripler instant ticket. The lucky lady, who claimed the prize with her son by her side, can thank him for the role he played in getting the winning $5 scratch-off into her hands.

“I love the Lottery,” proclaimed the son, who plays a variety of games and takes scratch-offs home to his retired mom to enjoy. On the day he visited Man’s Liquors at 6900 Holabird Avenue in Baltimore, the son bought several new scratch-offs for his mother to enjoy.

She was at home when she scratched off the winning ticket, revealing a match with a winning number in the play area’s final block. Beneath the number was the $50,000 prize. “I’ve never won this much,” said the grandmother. “I had to look at it 10 times,” said the son.

When they realized the top-prize win was real, the son hid the instant ticket in a safe place until they could claim the prize. Her big plans for her windfall include moving to new living quarters in Dundalk and buying a new vehicle.

Five of the six Gold Rush games went on sale in May, with the $30 $2,000,000 Gold Rush game arriving earlier in February. The Gold Rush 7s Tripler game now has six of its eight top prizes remaining, along with seven $5,000 second-tier prizes and others ranging from $5 to $1,000. The four other games in the family are the $1 Gold Rush 7s, $2 Gold Rush 7s Doubler, $10 Gold Rush 7s Multiplier and $20 Gold Rush 777 games.