Elkridge Man Takes Another Trip to Lottery Winner’s Circle

Elkridge resident Richard Wheeler kicks off the holiday season with a $30,000 win on the popular Peppermint Payout scratch-off.

Returns to claim $30,000 prize on Peppermint Payout scratch-off

Richard Wheeler was back in the Lottery Winner’s Circle this week after winning a $30,000 top prize on the popular holiday scratch-off game, Peppermint Payout. The Elkridge resident was also a big Lottery winner five years ago.

He visited Lottery headquarters with his mother, who recalled how Richard scratched off the winning instant ticket and it appeared he won the game’s first $30,000 top prize. When the 53-year-old took the scratch-off to a local Lottery retailer for confirmation, he got great news.

“When I saw he was starting to shake, I knew that he must have won,” said his mother.

The Howard County man is avid player of scratch-offs and has been a loyal player since his 21st birthday. “I play every day. I love scratch-offs,” he said.

The retired Howard County Public School System employee has an idea on how to spend his prize. “I want to take a vacation,” he said, explaining that he wants to visit family members in Georgia.

His previous win in 2017 was also a top prize. He won $10,000 on a 10x Cash scratch-off. After winning first $10,000 and now $30,000, Richard has no plans to stop playing and hopes to return to Lottery headquarters again to claim an even bigger prize.

One place that hopes Richard continues to play and win is his lucky Lottery retailer. Royal Farms #054 at 8268 Lark Brown Drive in Elkridge will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $30,000 top-prize winning instant ticket.

The 2022 Peppermint Payout game went on sale on Oct. 17. There are still seven $30,000 top prizes remaining along with others ranging from $3 to $500. Find out how to win in the Holiday Cash Second-Chance Promotion here.