FAST PLAY Ticket Bought during Quick Stop Yields $50,000 Prize

Upper Marlboro man returns to brother waiting in truck saying, ‘Look! Look! Look!’

What started as an ordinary stop at a convenience store turned into an extraordinary Maryland Lottery payday. The score: $50,000.

A player from Upper Marlboro was riding with his brother when they made a routine stop at Wawa #562 at 163 Southeast Crain Highway, also in Upper Marlboro. The brother waited in the vehicle, and the player went in and bought a $5 FAST PLAY Double Win ticket.

A quick glance while he was in the store revealed his number 33, which was over a $50,000 box, matched the 33 under winning numbers for the five-digit gain.

“He got out of the truck and when he came back he was smiling and saying, ‘Look! Look! Look!’” the brother said on Nov. 14 when the two visited Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim the prize.

The lucky Prince George’s County resident said he enjoys playing Lottery games, mainly scratch-offs but occasionally other selections like FAST PLAY, because he likes the prospect of winning. He’s won a few dollars in the past, but “nothing big like this,” he said.

Still excited about his Lottery luck, the player said he hadn’t given any thought to what he would do with the prize. He does expect to have a celebration, although specifics are not in place.

For selling a $50,000 top-prize winning FAST PLAY ticket, the Wawa store receives a Lottery bonus of $500, equal to 1% of the prize.

The FAST PLAY Double Win game went on sale in July and has 18 top prizes remaining. A feast of prizes awaits players now through Nov. 26 as part of a ThanksWINNING promotion. Buy any draw game ticket for the chance to win an instant voucher worth $2 or $5 or a free $1 FAST PLAY Candy Cane Cash ticket.