FAST PLAY Winner from Westminster Slow to Claim $50,000 Prize

Carroll County man finds top prize on $5 game

A Maryland Lottery player from Westminster and his wife got a nice surprise in November when the husband picked up a $5 FAST PLAY Snowflake Ca$h ticket: a $50,000 top prize.

The parents of two young children stopped by Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore months later, on Feb. 3, to claim the windfall. The husband purchased the lucky ticket and an assortment of others at Little George’s of Winfield at 1707 West Liberty Road in Westminster. That’s his usual style of playing – going with a little variety.

That strategy has won him some two- and three-digit prizes, the winner said, but nothing like a $50,000 score. Despite having the winning ticket in possession for nearly three months, the two had not decided yet what they will do with the prize other than save it.

The husband, however, says he plans to keep on playing because, “It’s pretty exciting!”

The Carroll County resident found the second of 15 top prizes available at the game’s start on Nov. 7, 2022, leaving 13 more unclaimed at the $50,000 level and 19 at the $5,000 level. His lucky Carroll County Lottery retailer also wins. For selling a top-prize winning ticket, Little George’s receives a $500 bonus from the Lottery.