Flea Market Visit Pays Off with $50,000 Scratch-off Find

A trip to the flea market put Ernest Saindon of White Plains in the path of Lottery luck.

Charles County man wins top prize on $5 game

About to head home after perusing the offerings at a local flea market, a retired White Plains welder experienced the find of a lifetime. Ernest Saindon discovered a vintage Gold X20 scratch-off priced at $5 and, after a minute or two of scratching, parlayed that modest investment into a $50,000 payoff.

“I had to pass by Willett’s Liquors on the way to my car,” the 70-year-old loyal player told Lottery officials. The flea market is held in the parking lot of a strip mall in White Plains, he explained. “I figured I’d get my tickets for the day.” The Charles County resident picked out the Gold X20 game because he’d never played it before. The two became good friends very quickly.

When the match that delivered his $50,000 top prize revealed itself, he froze in place. “I was dumbfounded, must have done two or three double-takes.” Ernest scanned his instant ticket to make sure of the win and then told the clerk what had happened. “He was as surprised as I was. He called the store’s owner to share the news.”

The Southern Maryland man plans to share his winnings with family members, which pleases him tremendously. The lucky man’s wife tells us that her husband has had the widest smile on his face ever since the big win.

The Gold X20 game debuted late last month with nine $50,000 top prizes and is a member of a Gold Multiplier family of games and the Gold Multiplier second-chance promotion. This win is the second top prize claimed. Nine $5,000 second-tier prizes also remain. Other members of the scratch-off family are the $1 Gold X5, $2 Gold X10 and $10 Gold X50 games.

Willett’s Discount Liquor at 10573 Theodore Green Boulevard in White Plains can also celebrate. The Charles County business will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.