Forgotten Powerball Ticket Turns Eastern Shore Woman into Millionaire

Player discovered ticket from Sept. 27 drawing in wallet

A Worcester County resident has solved the mystery of the unclaimed $1 million Powerball ticket from the Sept. 27 drawing.

The Eastern Shore’s new millionaire came into Lottery headquarters in Baltimore last week to claim her prize. She had purchased the quick-pick ticket at Duck In II in Snow Hill, hoping to win an $835 million jackpot, but then forgot about her ticket. No one hit the jackpot in that drawing and she was one of four players nationwide to win a $1 million second-tier prize.

The winner was looking for another item in her wallet last week when she rediscovered the $10 ticket. She didn’t have hopes of big win, but wanted to see if there was a small prize. “I just wanted to check it to see if we got anything,” said the warehouse worker.

The wife sent her husband to a Lottery retailer to scan the Powerball ticket for a win. He did not believe his eyes as he spotted the number one with six zeros on the scanner.

“There were a lot of zeros. I thought it was some type of promotional message. I scanned it again and got the same numbers,” the husband said.

Next, he gave the ticket to the store clerk to scan and said the clerk’s face lit up with excitement. The store employee confirmed he held a $1 million winning ticket. The happy husband went home to share the great news with his wife.

“He likes to kid around and I thought he was joking,” the winner said.

What will she do with the newfound fortune? The winner said she plans to pay off their home mortgage and donate some funds to an animal rescue.

The lucky retailer, Duck In II at 5610 East Market Street in Snow Hill, also shared in the fun. For selling a $1 million winning Powerball ticket, the Worcester County business received a $2,500 bonus from the Lottery.