Frederick Bonus Match 5 Fan Rewarded Handsomely with Top Prize

Wins $50,000 in May 18 drawing

He’s been playing the game for years, a Frederick man told Lottery officials, using a mix of numbers important to him and random selections to provide his daily Bonus Match 5 combinations. This strategy often worked well over the years, but never so much as it did last Saturday when five numbers he picked out produced a $50,000 top-prize win.

“They’re family birthdays,” the retired postal employee explained. “Sometimes, I throw in a number or two that’s been coming out a lot.” He’s a student of the game, researching weeks’ worth of Bonus Match 5 results for “hot” numbers. “It’s all random, I know, so I know there can’t be a pattern. Sometimes, though, certain numbers do seem to pop up a lot.”

It wasn’t until the morning after the May 18 drawing that the Frederick County man discovered that Lottery luck had visited him. “I saw the numbers on the website and was shocked. I refused to believe it.” In fact, even well into the prize-claiming process, he still expressed some doubt that it was true. “This whole thing just seems impossible.”

Waverley Beer & Wine at 45 Waverley Drive in Frederick is the retailer that sold the lucky Bonus Match 5 ticket. Management there will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize winning ticket. The winner reports having no plans yet for his prize. “They’re not real,” he said, joking, “until I cash the check.”