Lifetime Player Shouts with Joy over $50,000 Powerball Win

Motivated to keep playing since third-tier prize came his way

“Larry,” a seasoned Maryland Lottery player for five decades, has chalked up another exciting win by landing a $50,000 third-tier Powerball prize.

The anonymous winner’s journey to his windfall began with a routine visit to his favorite Lottery retailer, Piper’s Wine & Spirit Barn in Manchester. The Hanover resident and his wife regularly indulge in their love of Lottery games like Powerball, Multi-Match, Mega Millions and the occasional scratch-off.

A few weeks ago, “Larry” purchased several Powerball and Multi-Match tickets during one of his outings. It wasn’t until much later, when he stumbled upon the forgotten tickets on his dresser, that the excitement truly began. With a mixture of anticipation and curiosity, Larry and his wife returned to Piper’s Wine & Spirit Barn to scan the tickets for a win.

Once at the store located at 4127 Hanover Pike, they used its ticket checker to scan the tickets. Most revealed no prize. However, the atmosphere shifted dramatically after “Larry” scanned the Powerball ticket. He had bought a $6 quick-pick ticket for the May 13-18 drawings.

Initially unable to decipher the scanner’s message, “Larry” enlisted his wife’s help. With a loud gasp followed by an even louder scream of “WE WON,” the couple realized they were $50,000 richer! He was the only Marylander to win a third-tier prize in the May 13 drawing.

When asked about his plans for the funds, “Larry” expressed a desire to invest in his health and save as much as possible. Additionally, he hopes to treat his wife to a special gift or dinner as a token of appreciation for their shared excitement and Lottery luck.

The dedicated player has no intentions of halting his Lottery endeavors. “We’ve been playing for as long as I can remember,” he stated. “And now that I’ve won big, who knows? Lightning might strike twice.”