Frederick Player Switches to FAST PLAY, Wins $191,128 Instantly

“One Shot Wonder” of Frederick is paying off his home mortgage with the proceeds of a $191,128 FAST PLAY win.

Winner plans to pay off home mortgage with prize

A devoted scratch-off player from Frederick changed his game to FAST PLAY on Dec. 13 and won a $191,128 progressive jackpot on a $10 Lucky Numbers ticket.

“I was hoping to win big on scratch-offs, so I decided to try something different. It was my first time playing FAST PLAY,” said the father of two teens. The pair gave him the nickname “One Shot Wonder” for Lottery publicity purposes when they joined him at Lottery headquarters to claim his prize.

With two kids getting ready for college, “One Shot Wonder” said his plan is to use his prize to pay off the mortgage on the house he and his family moved into two years ago. Doing so will enable him to focus on paying tuition.

“I have a great job,” he said, adding that he was already saving for his kids’ college expenses.

Although clearly excited about the win, “One Shot Wonder” said it took a while for the reality of his luck to sink in. He is only sharing news of his good fortune with immediate family members.

Meanwhile, he plans to continue to play the Lottery and has gone back several times to his usual store since discovering his ticket was a big winner.

That store, Wawa #8513 at 1001 West Patrick Street in Frederick, receives a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a progressive jackpot-winning ticket. The store also played a role in “One Shot Wonder” discovering his Lottery luck. He believed the ticket to be a winner, and scanned it at the store to verify the win.

The Lucky Numbers game closed on Dec. 13, the date of his big win. There are four other $10 FAST PLAY games still available: Holiday Money Match, Towering 10s, High Roller Blackjack and Winfall Doubler.