Free Pick 5 Ticket Makes Baltimore Woman $25,000 Richer

Wins big in June 1 drawing

Hoping for a big win, a Baltimore woman went into her local Maryland Lottery retailer to play her regular games of Pick 3 and Pick 4. She walked out with those tickets and a free Pick 5 ticket that was the key to her $25,000 win!

The 77-year-old received a free 50-cent straight, quick-pick ticket for the June 1 midday drawing. Her five digits – 87946 – were a winning combination. The lucky lady said she plans to use her prize to pay off debts.

Only a few days remain in the Try Pick 5 promotion that delivered her free ticket. Through June 5, players who purchase any Lottery game other than scratch-offs could receive a randomly awarded free 50-cent straight quick-pick Pick 5 ticket. A congratulations message will print on the top of the purchased ticket and on the awarded free ticket.

Her lucky Lottery retailer was Orye’s Liquors at 1001 East 25th Street in Baltimore. The business will receive a $250 bonus from the Lottery for its role in helping our Baltimore winner win big.