Gwynn Oak Player Scratches Her Way to $50,000 Lottery Win

Change from her Pick 3 and Pick 4 routine pays off

A Baltimore resident whose usual games are Pick 3 and Pick 4 picked something different in late May and won $50,000 on a $10 scratch-off.

Claiming her prize June 6 at Maryland Lottery headquarters, the Gwynn Oak woman said she plays for fun and gets her numbers a few times a week. Every so often, she’ll pick up a scratch-off and that’s how she scored her big prize. The 62-year-old put down $10 for a Show Me $100,000! instant ticket, which has a top prize of $100,000 followed by prizes ranging from $50,000 to $10.

She bought the hot instant ticket at Royal Farms #014, located at 4384 Hollins Ferry Road in Baltimore. The player then took the game home to scratch. When she first saw that her lucky day had arrived, she did a double-take.

“I had to process it,” she said. As the reality of her win set in, she was “just completely surprised, excited and happy!”

The winner has no big plans for her prize. Mainly, she’ll do some yard improvements, including getting a shed and a new fence, and put most of the money in her savings account.

The loyal player nabbed one of five $50,000 prizes in the game, leaving four more unclaimed. All seven $100,000 top prizes, as well as all 15 $10,000 prizes remain unclaimed.

The Show Me family of scratch-off games – $1, $2, $5 and $10 instant tickets – went on sale May 23 while the $20 scratch-off arrived in stores on April 18. Players can choose from a $1 Show Me $1,000! game, a $2 Show Me $10,000! game, a $5 Show Me $50,000! scratch-off, $10 Show Me $100,000! and a $20 Show Me $1,000,000! instant ticket.