Hagerstown Carpenter Builds Himself a Multi-Match Jackpot Win

Wins $765,000 in Nov. 14 drawing

There are two things that have to happen, a Washington County man told Lottery officials when asked why he bought a Multi-Match ticket six weeks ago after describing his Lottery play as “rare.” Happily, both things came together that day back in November and he emerged $765,000 richer.

“Every once in a while, I get a feeling,” the carpenter said. “I guess you’d call it a lucky feeling, but it’s simply feeling unusually good for no particular reason.” On Nov. 14, the Hagerstown resident awoke with just such a feeling. “Then, I gotta have a few spare bucks in my wallet. I don’t take out money just to buy tickets, but if I have a couple of dollars in my pocket, then I get a one.”

The 72-year-old had the cash he needed for lunch at Break Away II in Hagerstown, a restaurant that doubles as a Lottery retailer. “I bought one Mega Millions, one Powerball and a Multi-Match ticket.”

It wasn’t until early this week that he checked his tickets, having enjoyed a lengthy out-of-town visit with family members.

“I was in shock when I scanned the Multi-Match, when I saw the amount,” he said, “absolute shock.” Although he’s found it difficult at times, he has kept his good fortune to himself. He plans to tell his family the good news without really telling them.

“We do a lot together, around Maryland and on trips. From now on, we’ll be doing these things in style with better restaurants, better hotels, first-class plane seats – those kinds of things.”

The folks who run Break Away II at 13726 Pennsylvania Avenue in Hagerstown can celebrate, too. The business will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling the Multi-Match jackpot winner.